Safe Lithium Batteries and charging solutions for the Marine industry.

Marine lithium ion battery systems

Lithium phosphate batteries are the longest lasting and best batteries available for marine use. Advances in chemistry and battery stability have made it possible to upgrade any lead acid battery used in marine. EAS's lithium batteries can be used for house or propulsion power. 

  • 70% lighter than lead 
  • 3,000 cycles @ 70% DOD
  • Longer cycle life
  • up to 98% solar efficient Power in vs. Power out
  • Advanced Battery Management System
  • Safe lithium iron phosphate chemistry

Why choose EAS?

Because we specialize in lithium batteries and have years of experience with cells, BMS and charging solutions. We test and use all of the systems we sell.  After trying many component brands, we now are experiencing extremely high reliability and performance in our test vehicles. The feedback from our customers has also been very good. Join us and other EAS customers who are experiencing the benefits of better batteries and clean electric propulsion. 


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